I'm not sure how much of an impact this has on choosing tags, but this seems a bit contradicting at the very least:

The Tags box has the following placeholder:

at least one tag such as (bugs image-processing plotting), max 5 tags

Image: Tag box

And the description of the tag:

This tag is reserved for questions where the problem has been vetted by this community and the observed behavior is confirmed to be a bug. Please do not use this tag for new questions. Please use the standard bugs header instead of version tags in conjunction with this tag.

(emphasis mine)

If possible, it might therefore be a good idea to change the list to different example tags


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Don't worry it should not happen often as it seems they are picked randomly each couple of hours:

What determines the example tags? (tags in the placeholder of the tags section when asking new question)

Don't have much experience with other sites but usage seems to be unique here, for this community benefit, so we probably should not hope it will be filtered out for us.

But again, it isn't a major issue as it is not a fixed set of example tags.

  • Thanks for the explanation - I was quite confused after @Szabolcs' comment ;)
    – Lukas Lang
    Sep 9, 2017 at 21:02

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