Joel Klein

My background is in programming language design and implementation, and I have studied computer architecture. I have written several compiler and interpreters in SML/NJ.

Employed at Wolfram Research.

Previously I worked in embedded systems at Motorola on private digital radio networks (e.g. for police and fire) and in firewall management applications at Cisco Systems. At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, my master's thesis on a design and implementation for Idealized Algol Plus Classes was advised by Uday Reddy and based on Reddy's work on Objects and Classes in Algol-like Languages. I also learned a ton by working as a teaching assistant for computer architecture courses working for Andrew Chien, Josep Torellas, and William Pottenger. My undergrad degree is a double major in computer science and electrical engineering, where I enjoyed compilers and computer engineering subjects.

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