Pure Function

Not from a privileged class I get them bread Garments and books from the rocks..

I am a Ph.D candidate at the GraduateSchool of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh. My research is focusing on understanding stem cell memory, how the cells transition from one state to another and how the fate of a cell is governed. I developed a profound interest in WL after reading about 800 pages of SW's NKS and decide to experimentally test some of several of the CA-based insights in living cells and animal systems (mice); especially the idea that complex behavior can emerge from simple rules. Naturally, I become interested in learning WL/MM not only because of my intellectual and scientific interest in the NKS insights but also because my experimental work involve a lot of imaging. I've got some really intriguing data so far which I hope to publish soon and to be able to continue this work during my postdoctoral training IA.

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