I am a software developer... I am certified (MCP) in WindowsForms.NET, ASP.NET and ADO.NET (with C#) and I really like .NET (I specially love LINQ)...

I sometimes blog at Javamexico or at my personal blogspot. I also tweet ocasionally

I also know how to code in Java (I love Hibernate,and I love Spring-Mvc but I think for the web the future is in JSF with Seam... and for SmartClients XAML... but perhaps Flex will give a good fight) , I know a little of Delphi... and I have worked with Oracle and SQLServer...

The best web technology that I have used is WebObjects (sadly IMHO Apple just doesn't seem to know its value) I think SQL is full of flaws... I used to believe the only way to go is to use an ORM and I really disliked plain ADO.NET and JDBC, I used to think that to build the business rules of a software system.. there was nothing better than Domain Model pattern... built with Apple's EOF... or Hibernate (or NHibernate or LINQ & EntityFramework). But lately, after reading TheThirdManifesto, I have been thinking that relational is not limited, it is underexploited, and perhaps Alphora Dataphor or Rel will finally exploit its power.

I am also certified in TFS 2010, and I know my way around CVS, SVN, Mercurial, Bazaar and a little Git