Well, actually spell-check should work inside your browser. It would be counterproductive to include it to SE because there are sites that are multilingual (like German-Language SE). Why don't you just turn it on inside your browser, then you probably see your that you misspelled "implement" :D


No, it can't be eliminated. The only way out is to reach 2k rep, at which point you earn the privilege to edit any post. This is in place so that low rep and anonymous users don't suggest trivial edits, burdening others with the task of reviewing them. Usually, posts might need a bit more fixing than one character, but if indeed that single character is ...


I think this is not a bug, but running afoul with the Stack Exchange automatic list numbering behavior. For example below I type "1. item" three times on three separate lines, but presently get as displayed output "1. ... 2. ... 3. ...": item item item The addition of Quote markdown does not change this: item item item To get verbatim output ...


This is how "activity-sort" questions lists work. You'll notice a similar behavior on the active questions list and the various hot lists. The change you propose would make this extremely verbose; in practice, it would require two lines and be considerably more difficult to scan. Several people have suggested changes that would add a small bit of text ...


An easy way to get the formatting you want is 490. m 490. m which was entered as >`490. m` >`490. m` The 1st line has two black spaces after the closing `

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