Well, actually spell-check should work inside your browser. It would be counterproductive to include it to SE because there are sites that are multilingual (like German-Language SE). Why don't you just turn it on inside your browser, then you probably see your that you misspelled "implement" :D


I think this is not a bug, but running afoul with the Stack Exchange automatic list numbering behavior. For example below I type "1. item" three times on three separate lines, but presently get as displayed output "1. ... 2. ... 3. ...": item item item The addition of Quote markdown does not change this: item item item To get verbatim output ...


This is how "activity-sort" questions lists work. You'll notice a similar behavior on the active questions list and the various hot lists. The change you propose would make this extremely verbose; in practice, it would require two lines and be considerably more difficult to scan. Several people have suggested changes that would add a small bit of text ...


An easy way to get the formatting you want is 490. m 490. m which was entered as >`490. m` >`490. m` The 1st line has two black spaces after the closing `

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