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Review is only updated every 5 minutes. In addition, the oldest vote must be at least 15 minutes old before it is even eligible for review: a lot of problems resolve themselves, so putting them up for review would just be a waste of time. In this case, the author himself deleted the question before it was ever added to review.


Click the "Question (revised)" tab: This'll give you the full question and title, just as you'd see it elsewhere in /review. The revision tab is selected by default because folks thought it would be more useful to review what changed since closure. I tend to agree that stripping all contextual information by default is not a good idea. Update: Stripping ...


Here is the MSO question that explains this: Lots of questions in the reopen queue It is my understanding that at present new edit causes a closed question to be added to the reopen review queue. This does not normally apply to Duplicate questions as distinct from Closed questions under the new system. However, in this case it appears that the new logic ...


Those aren't close votes being counted - they're reviews. The reviewer may have voted to close that many times, or they might've edited that many times or opted to Leave Open that many times - but most likely, that count reflects some combination of those actions. There is currently no public counter for close votes.


Try to avoid approving - or making - edits that don't make a bad post significantly better. Maybe not perfect mind you, there's always something that can be improved if you look hard enough... But enough of an improvement that someone who dismissed the post the first time they saw it might be convinced to take another look. If you (the editor) can't do ...

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