Upvote this answer if you think that we should follow the StackOverflow practice of not using URL shorteners, so that shortened URLs should be edited to restore the original URL. This policy stems partly from a desire to avoid people sneaking affiliate links and various other naughtiness into links in a way that people can’t see until they have clicked on ...


This is too long for a comment and I wanted to clear my point. First, because I was the one who introduced the short URL's and second, because I think had good reasons. When you try to copy and paste Verbeia's original URL into a browser, I see on Mac and Linux this Here, due to the long and cryptic URL it's impossible to see the positions of the newlines ...


I can't see any good reason for these to be JavaScript links so I second your request. I too like to open a series of items like that in tabs. Old-fashioned links, please.


Now that I finally got to a point where I could reconfigure my bot for this problem, I noticed that the three links you fixed in the answer you mentioned (listed below) automatically redirect to the new location. http://reference.wolfram.com/mathematica/tutorial/ImmediateAndDelayedDefinitions.html http://reference.wolfram.com/mathematica/tutorial/...


D'oh! It's because I was using an old script to generate the link. The script used the defunct HTTP protocol. Switching it to HTTPS fixes the problem.

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