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To the best of my knowledge the only provision for actually eliminating a revision from the edit history is in the case where confidential information was accidentally or maliciously posted. "Unnecessary steps" are surely not justification for this sort of administrative action.


I have edited this question of yours. While we strongly encourage to post "plain code" to show what you have tried, this is not required if you need to present specific outputs. For your case, it is perfectly fine to upload images because everyone can repeat what you did on their machine. Regarding the uploading of cells and output as an image, I strongly ...


You really shouldn't use MathJaX to display code in a question posted on Mathematica.SE. You should enter code with markdown. Click on the question mark at the far right of the editor tool bar to get markdown help on secondary button bar that pops-up below the tool bar. The advanced help button the far right of help bar will give even more good advice. ...


A distinctive color scheme is definitely necessary (especially with the recent tendency towards low-contrast...). At least on the main site the approach of putting code output inside quotes is more distinctive than here on meta: Here's a quote containing some code Can anyone actually see that change in gray level??


Try to avoid approving - or making - edits that don't make a bad post significantly better. Maybe not perfect mind you, there's always something that can be improved if you look hard enough... But enough of an improvement that someone who dismissed the post the first time they saw it might be convinced to take another look. If you (the editor) can't do ...


Changing Mma to Mathematica is as pointless and inappropriate as changing Mac into Macintosh. Everybody knows what it means ... time to move on.


This is my attempt to look further into the point made by blockwave. Let's look at how the following raw text will be formatted. Text The quick red fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick red fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick red fox jumped over the lazy dog. >The quick red fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick red fox jumped over the lazy dog. ...

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