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For PDE's and ODE's, these are the results I have, updated for Version 12.3. For Kamke test suite (1940 ODE') and for my own PDE test suite (2000 PDE's). And for PDE's DSolve has improved for both solving ODE's and PDE's in 12.3, but the improvement in ODE's is much more than for PDE's in these test. As far as the timing performance itself, I really did ...


Thanks to Penelope Benenati, it came to light that Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition does not behave like Wolfram|Alpha. Unlike Wolfram|Alpha (which frequently interprets input differently from Mathematica), it appears to be able to understand Wolfram Language syntax. Based on her screenshots, it appears to me that W|A Notebook Edition might work as follows (...


Yes, most of the time (but not always). It seems to me that many users do not know well Notebook Edition and are not aware that Notebook Edition accepts almost all code syntax of Mathematica. To answer this question, one should first define "Wolfram Alpha Notebook questions." I use Notebook Edition, and during the last nine months, I verified that ...

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