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Should we consider the vote count when voting?

It has probably been already raised in some meta over SE. The question is, should we vote "relatively", i.e. based on if the question/answer is useful/well-written/etc., or "absolutely", i.e. by ...
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1 answer

Can't Change Vote!

I downvoted an answer because I thought it didn't satisfy the original request, but the user who provided the answer replied to my comment that the solution was generalized a bit, and that a different ...
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How do I change my review vote?

I selected the wrong button when reviewing this question. I did not see a way to undo my mistake. Is this possible?
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1 answer

Meaning of down vote for down voting question

Please see this question. I down-voted this answer as given the question title and the first line I sincerely believe the answer provided was not correct. I provided my rationale in an answer. I ...
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How to undo (or can you) a review vote

I accidentally cast a reopen vote - is there a mechanism to undo that? I could not find one. I suppose the (expected) lack of consenting votes will accomplish same.
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Upvoting questions

I was thinking when are You upvoting a question. Obvious aspects (remainded at each upvote) which can be taken under consideration are: question shows research effort, is useful is clear I would ...
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1 answer

Settling disagreement

Introduction Today I saw the Q&A How to compare power towers in Mathematica?. In the comments of the question, our users show that they are upset how math.SE handles what is essentially the same ...
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Big numbers in short order

The question QR Code in shopping cart handle appears to have broken a few records (e.g. most views in 24 hours, most up-votes on 24 hours?). As pointed out by @Vitaliy Kaurov, this stampede may have ...
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This is indeed a rather strange unupvoting pattern, Holmes

A few days ago I've read @Artes in chat "talking" about some inexplicable unupvoting activity going on. Then, it happened today in some of my questions/answers, so I brought the issue into chat and ...
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Please don't stalker-vote!

Recently, there was a global recalculation of reputation across StackExchange. People lost reputation points if one of their upvoted posts was subsequently deleted. Another reason that has affected a ...
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Vote early, vote often

As a group, we should focus on voting (both on questions and answers) as often as we can, for two reasons: It raises the overall average score, unlike on SO where it is very difficult for a ...
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