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Questions that provide code that runs with errors

Can someone, please, try to check who's right in this post? Selecting Plot for Locator I maintain that the OP is problematic, as I am running the commands given and I always get errors. I have ...
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Why was the low quality "Has sphere with 3 equi-spaced holes specific name & how to graph it?" post migrated to Mathematics.SE?

A fresh new user (@simpletonjack) posted the following perverted question to, claiming he did so because a moderator of this site moved it there:
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Why my description will result so many misunderstanding?

This is my question today.The original intention is I want to get the picture of certain answer or question by it share link,then I can conveniently distribute it to my friends stumped in Great ...
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A community voted to migrate my question, but it was closed - what do I do?

I asked a question on Computer Science. It got migrated to Mathematica (after agreement from the Community). The question on the new site got lots of attention, but was then closed by a moderator ...
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What is the reason for old questions to pop up?

It is not the first time that I notice a situation, when an old, already answered question pops up. Previously I thought that such things happen, since somebody has recently seen it and, say, up- or ...
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Question with not much attention

I recently asked a question (this one) that got only one answer; that answer was not particularly responsive. What's the accepted protocol if any for getting attention to that question again? Is it ...
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On animations with logo

Yesterday I posted this question which, as Mr.Wizard noted, lacks constructivity. I have to agree with this, and when I started to think on editing I realized that there are actually three options ...
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On removing the Home Edition banner

This is about the question Can the banner in the Home Edition be removed? . It is felt that this is a sort of circumvention of restrictions placed on the Home Edition of Mathematica, and as such, ...
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A plea for reopening "Why is WolframAlpha more intelligent than Mathematica?"

The OP of this question is asking if could be reopened. I did not want to act unilaterally, so I want to ask the rest of you whether you think the ...
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Should my question on syntax transformation be split according to source system?

In a comment to my question Change syntax from other programs to mathematica syntax it has been suggested that this question should be split into different questions for sage, maple, latex, etc. ...
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