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The rule of 5 for accepting answers

There are some users who never accept any answers no matter how good the replies are. I am sure you all know that and it's not difficult to compile a list based on previous behaviors. What's even ...
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Content of two site help pages: writing a good question vs. on-topic content

I have noticed lately quite a few questions from new users that are unfortunately unanswerable because they do not contain enough detail, or code, or data. Rather than re-hashing the usual comments ("...
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Should there be a fitting canonical question?

There seems to be a large number of questions surrounding the fitting of functions to data sets. Many of these have the same problems with invalid starting values, missing x-values, insufficient ...
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Canonical question needed: simplification via user definitions

Daniel Lichtblau generously offered to lend his expert attention to the spectrum of problems linked from this Q&A: Can I simplify an expression into form which uses my own definitions? The full ...
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Should we cull content in community wiki omnibus Q&A's?

I fear that omnibus Q&A's (is there an accepted term for these?) like What are the most common pitfalls awaiting new users? and Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice? ...
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Should indicating the version of MMA be compulsory?

There was this question where several (and clever) answers were given. But afterwards the OP clarified "I am using Mathematica 7 and these options don't seem to work", making most of them not valid (...
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Canonical Q&A needed: Assumptions with patterns

As I just discovered while gathering Related links this question comes up again and again in one form or another: Assumptions on unknown functions Simplify equations with pattern assumptions Simplify ...
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Organization needed for a group of similar questions

I have observed that a particular question has been asked, and separately answered, multiple times. In chronological order: Does Mathematica have advanced indexing? How can I use Max[] in a function ...
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Canonical Q&A needed? function evaluation before plotting

The need to move as much computation as possible outside of the Plot loop is one that comes up again and again, perhaps most recently in Why is this 2D plot so slow? I think we need a canonical Q&...
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Group of proposed duplicates: Threading and Listability

There is is a group of similar questions some of which I believe need to be marked as duplicates. Before I highhandedly close according to my own judgement I'd like to give the community a chance to ...
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