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Gauging community interest and feedback on packages

I have developed a package that I think might be of general interest to a wide range of Mathematica users, and could lower the barrier to attracting new users. I am not certain that it is at the stage ...
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Using M.SE answers in packages

I'm working on a Mathematica package, which I intend to publish open source, that incorporates answers I've read or solicited on this site. For example, @MichaelE2's solution to my question about ...
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Are questions about Mathematica packages on topic?

An issue has arisen in the main section, where the following question about a Mathematica package: step-by-step calculation done by TransformProduct ... has been voted as off-topic for the following ...
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New tags for AceGen and AceFEM packages?

I am a user of AceGen/AceFEM packages and currently there is no place where I could ask questions about them. I think there are some other users around and recently there was even a conference ...
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Tags for third-party packages

The packages tag seems to have originally meant to be used for questions about package development, or general questions about using packages (e.g. how to install a package?) I noticed that it is ...
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Does a "Mathematica Stack Exchange Package" exist that collects useful idioms as identified on MSE?

I've been browsing MSE for a few weeks now. Every day, I find a useful snippet from which I learn something new, understand something better, or become aware of just how much I do not know. It ...
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Community projects

This thread is dedicated to projects dreamed, designed, implemented and maintained by our community (per this chat discussion). By project, we mean code that is more than a few lines and/or is under ...
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What third-party packages do you use?

Update 2015 Sept: See also, and consider adding there as well. Let's use this thread to post our favourite freely available third-party packages! Instructions Please post only those ...
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A list of often-used packages on meta?

Update: The overall feedback seemed positive, so I started the thread here. I propose having a meta thread with the title "What third-party packages do you use?" (see proposed question in the quote). ...
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