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Standard greeting comments

We have already developed a bit of a habit of welcoming new users explicitly in comments, and using the comments to guide behaviour. To made this a bit easier I thought we could collect standard / ...
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Should we have a standard comment or practice for welcoming new users?

Back on StackOverflow we used to post comments welcoming new users, directing them to FAQs etc. It is probably one of the reasons we were the friendliest tag there. Should we continue doing this? I ...
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16 votes
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Hints and help on using the site efficiently

As you may already know, mathematica.stackexchange is a wonderful site for asking questions and looking for information about Mathematica™. However, it has a few characteristics that tend to ...
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How to demonstrate our enthusiasm for the product when newbie questions descend?

Leonid predicted that, as the site became better known, we would get more newbie questions. Questions like this one. I don't think we have yet seen an avalanche of such questions, but inevitably we'll ...
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First time poster, struggling to post code

I have been struggling for a half hour to post my question but always getting the same error: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all code by 4 ...
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