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2 votes
0 answers

First time poster, struggling to post code

I have been struggling for a half hour to post my question but always getting the same error: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all code by 4 ...
22 votes
5 answers

Standard greeting comments

We have already developed a bit of a habit of welcoming new users explicitly in comments, and using the comments to guide behaviour. To made this a bit easier I thought we could collect standard / ...
11 votes
2 answers

Proper way to provide a link to the Mathematica documentation in a question?

I am a new user exploring the Mathematica Documentation. If I had a question on a particular cell in the Documentation how would I link it to a question on this site? From googling around I ...
14 votes
5 answers

Should we have a standard comment or practice for welcoming new users?

Back on StackOverflow we used to post comments welcoming new users, directing them to FAQs etc. It is probably one of the reasons we were the friendliest tag there. Should we continue doing this? I ...
1 vote
1 answer

How can I write math notation on the Mathematica site?

I want to ask some questions in the Mathematics site. But I don't know how to write the proper math notations in the computer. For example how to write x^y ( where x is raised to power y). sign of ...
17 votes
0 answers

Why answer an “Picture only” question?

I feel more and more questions are sent with pictures only and no code. See; NonlinearModelFit errors Including error bars on graph in Mathematica [duplicate] Why should I care for such questions? ...
13 votes
3 answers

Users asking about code far off their current abilities (and written by someone else)

I wonder what is the most useful way to answer this kind of questions. I suspect the user copied the code from somewhere else and tried to modify it for his purposes. Based on the question he asked ...
16 votes
2 answers

Hints and help on using the site efficiently

As you may already know, mathematica.stackexchange is a wonderful site for asking questions and looking for information about Mathematica™. However, it has a few characteristics that tend to ...
0 votes
1 answer

Dealing with hasty accepts

My idea is to create a dialog window or whatever, with couple of remarks for users asking their first question, poping up just before posting. Edit: Folowing paragraph is about few things I want to ...
10 votes
1 answer

How to get new users to choose a name

I noticed that lots of new users neglect to choose a display name, and they appear as something unreadable like user98765. Many of these users are registered and do sign their questions at the bottom,...
1 vote
1 answer

Big numbers in short order

The question QR Code in shopping cart handle appears to have broken a few records (e.g. most views in 24 hours, most up-votes on 24 hours?). As pointed out by @Vitaliy Kaurov, this stampede may have ...
17 votes
2 answers

How do we take advantage of the xkcd excitement to build genuine participation in the site?

By now nobody could have missed the fun and games associated with Amatya's xkcd question. The 100+k pageviews and huge vote count was extraordinary. There was another spike related to Viktor's ...
16 votes
1 answer

How to demonstrate our enthusiasm for the product when newbie questions descend?

Leonid predicted that, as the site became better known, we would get more newbie questions. Questions like this one. I don't think we have yet seen an avalanche of such questions, but inevitably we'll ...