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Why was my question on Thinning migrated to dsp.stackexchange?

I recently posted a question asking about the convergence behavior for a Mathematica algorithm Thinning, and I ...
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Migration option to stackoverflow

I just voted to close this question, as it was really not about Mathematica but about Mathematica equivalents in other languages like Python. One of the sub-options to "Close as off-topic" is "...
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Opening a migration path to math.SE?

After the fifth or so question that should have been posted to math.SE instead of here in the past few days, I must ask: should we petition for opening a migration path to math.SE? Those five ...
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Migration proposals (from StackOverflow to Mathematica.SE)

Voting closes on March 10, Sunday! Please help select the posts to be migrated before then. This is some kind of followup for a series of questions already in this meta site. The most relevant of ...
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Should Mathematica questions on StackOverflow be migrated here? (revisited)

In reference to this question. Casper and Anna mentioned possible resistance from the SO community. But that was then, this is now. Anna in particular said no "now while the site is still in private ...
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What criteria should guide us to flag new questions on SO for migration here?

There are quite a few new questions tagged Mathematica on StackOverflow. I see us as potentially missing out on some new users. How should we decide which questions should be flagged to be migrated? ...
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Should we migrate the "Toolbag" question?

Our dearest SO "ToolBag" question has been closed. Should we migrate it here for re-openning and caressing? Edit Yesterday I accepted rcollyer's answer, but after that this answer on SO meta made ...
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When Stack Overflow questions are migrated to Mathematica.SE, what will happen to the links?

What will happen with links to a question if that question is migrated from SO to Mathematica.SE? Will they break, or will they automatically be redirected? And does that depend on whether the URL ...
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Reputation with migrated questions

This has been asked before on the SO meta but something still is not clear to me. I noticed a nice question by Simon has been migrated. Is there a Mathematica API for the functions.wolfram site? ...
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