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Alignment bug with $ symbol in code block

There is a problem on the main site with alignment in code blocks that include the dollar sign. Without $: With $: Code is from this post. I will add examples as I find them.
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Please add more visible docs on how to include backticks into inline code

Surrounding code by backticks is the only way to include code in comments. While everyone learns quickly how to do this, it is not so obvious how to include a backtick in code (please see that link). ...
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about newline in Mathematica.SE

This is copy from cell Ctrl+C. (added in SE, no newline)sampleList1 = {"compute", "Tes", ".", ".a", ".m", "a", "z", "T", ".T", "wha", "{"}; Add indent by four/eight spaces sampleList1 = {"...
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