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Help with formatting posts

I noticed that sometimes someone is editing my posts with better formatting. I would like to learn how to do certain things so that others can save time not editing my posts. Are there instructions ...
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How to convert Greek symbols to readable ones when posting here? web site is gone

I've used to use to convert tGreek Mathematica symbols when pasting here so they are readable. Now it is gone. See posting-equations-with-subscripts-and-greek-symbols for ...
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LaTeX does not work in comments?

I think that LaTeX doesn't work on comments. I have made a few tests and I don't see it happening. LaTeX works fine on answers and questions, so I don't think it is a problem with my browser. So, two ...
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How to pretty print keyboard buttons?

How do I enter keystrokes in a pretty printed form? For example, the keyboard combination CTRL-SHIFT-D in this answer was pretty printed as
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4 votes
2 answers

Discrepancy between entered and displayed text

In my answer to this question (Simpler input for the new unit support), I am trying to show that two different lines of code give the same result (490. m). I thus entered the following text: However,...
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How to insert figure from my pc to Mathematica SE

How to upload figure from my pc to Mathematica SE ? On Mathematica SE editor there is a panel called figure, put it describes how to upload figure from a website .. So any help Edit
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0 answers

Unable to post a question due to formatting issues

Why am I getting an error as follows for the post content (after the dashed line) "Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all code by 4 spaces ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Line breaks in Comment boxes

How can I post a code block in a COMMENT box? Not just inline code like this, but to create something legible with a line break: Like this is my code, and I want it separate so people can read it
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how to input gray background and hyperlink?

I saw that people can input code with gray background and include hyperlinks in their answers and comment, for example, the answers from the following link give a good example How to remove redundant ...
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How can I enter a code into a comment to somebody's answer?

The question is completely formulated in the title. It is about formatting of the comments here, rather than the Mathematica output, however.
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Typing Mathematica code [duplicate]

When I posted the piece of code : FourierTransform[u[x,y]+v[x,y],y,q], I got an answer advising me to improve the typeset of the code. How can I type a Mathematica code while I'm posting a question ...
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Font Support Online M

It's kinda of tricky to get the following equation into the stackexchange site but is there a way to support the Mathematica font(or some equivalent) online? For example the Integrate symbol doesn't ...
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How do I cut/paste Mathematica output into a question? [duplicate]

Of all things, I can't find any instructions in the editing-help about how to post my Mathematica output! Indenting code with four spaces works fine: f = a[x] + c1*b[x] + c2*c[x]; g = Expand[f*f]; ...
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How do I transfer the results of a computation from a notebook into a Mathematica.SE question? [duplicate]

i have establish the ODE model and in order to simplify the question,I just want to put the ODE, but when I get the ODE from mma, how can I paste it to mse? codes are as this G = m*g; d1 = (m)/(rho*...
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How to type Greek letters on mathematica.stackexchange [duplicate]

I usually ask questions on this website, and many of them contain Greek letters in the code part. For instance: \[CapitalTheta]=0 After a while, someone edits the question and, magically, the ...
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2 answers

Latex in code blocks

Right now, Latex only works in normal text. However, many of Mathematica's symbols can be generated using Latex, especially the part that makes it more readable in the frontend, for example ...
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