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Question regarding user etiquette in answers and comments

Update Note the OP appears to have deleted the inciting comments. I vote to close my own question but appreciate very much the comments to date. Please see this question In particular, refer to my ...
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Proper way to provide a link to the Mathematica documentation in a question?

I am a new user exploring the Mathematica Documentation. If I had a question on a particular cell in the Documentation how would I link it to a question on this site? From googling around I ...
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3 answers

Should we discourage the use of Lenna?

Lenna is commonly used as an example placeholder image. I also recently used it in an answer on the site. However, as the user Lightness Races in Orbit pointed out, since Lenna is actually a Playboy ...
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Low quality posts

The low quality posts review queue has become available to me. As I write this post the queue is empty and there is nothing to serve as an examples of what kind post gets put into it. So I ask: what ...
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Is posting an incomplete answer then immediately improving it helpful or aggravating?

Recently I have been posting an answer that is not yet complete and then continuing to make additions over the next few minutes. Undeniably I enjoy getting first post, but there is another reason ...
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