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3 votes
0 answers

Mostly no difference between before and after editing

After I upload a question, then some user (mostly high-level user) edit my question. But many times I don't see any difference. I wonder what they edited and why they edit it. I don't have the ...
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What should I do, if anything, to make this question more focused?

I am rather confused as to why this question was closed. It seems to me at least to be very easy to understand, and in fact I received the type of answer I was expecting. My first thought was that ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Log in issue to StackExchnage

I have posted the following question a month ago and now I am trying to edit or comment on it, but it does not allow me to do so. It says I don't have 50 reputations, while in actual I have more than ...
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5 votes
2 answers

The editor does not let me put latex code from Mathematica

In this question: Calculating a parametrized maximum, as a function of the parameter I wanted to show the output of a Mathematica expression. So I clicked the expression and chose "Copy as -> LaTeX" ...
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5 votes
1 answer

It´s possible to delete some revisions that I have done?

It´s possible to delete some revisions that I have done? I would like to know about this because I consider some steps unnecessary.
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25 votes
2 answers

Markdown for output

Following up on this comment I am proposing and requesting a dedicated markdown style for output. To me the requirements are simple: Monospaced font A background color in manner of but distinct ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Should we approve minor edits of low quality questions?

In the last few months I encountered many edits in the review queue where low quality/insignificant/too localized posts (e.g. this) were edited by low-rep users. Quite frequently these posts are ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Going back to original question after making an edit

Is there a way to see the original question of another user, after making an edit to it, and while it is still waiting to be approved/rejected? If I accidentally miss something in an edit, is there ...
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15 votes
3 answers

What should we do about the abbreviation MMA?

Some people use the abbreviation MMA extensively on Mathematica.SE, and possibly elsewhere. Some find it less clear/informative/elegant. I always found it sloppy, and seeing the comments here prompted ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Edits required to be six or more characters

I recently tried to correct an error in some example code but failed because I ran into the requirement that edits to posts must to be six or more characters. All I wanted to do was to add a missing "{...
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