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Why is this question not welcome?

The following question was recently closed: Turn off keyboard shortcut The specific reason for closing is not accurate and I assume reflects the lack of options. But what then was the reason for ...
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What is the purpose/intention/goal for closing a question

I imagine that this has been asked already but searching here on meta and on google I could not find the deep reasons to why someone votes to close a question. The stack exchange information on vote ...
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What should I do, if anything, to make this question more focused?

I am rather confused as to why this question was closed. It seems to me at least to be very easy to understand, and in fact I received the type of answer I was expecting. My first thought was that ...
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Why was this question about continued fraction expansion of a rational function closed as off-topic?

I mean the question Continued fraction expansion of a rational function asked more than two years ago and closed about three months ago as off-topic. Why is it off-topic? Presently I actually need ...
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What to do when you ask a lousy question?

I learn Mathematica on my own, and use it on my scientific studies. Sometimes there are some well known commands, trivial features, or keywords that I don't know. I ask my questions to SE community ...
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"Unclear" questions with accepted answers

I found this question on the main site: Map points on a square onto a Torus and there are probably more like it. The question was closed for being unclear, however it has an upvoted answer which was ...
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