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Can I ask about Mathics3 here?

I stumbled upon Mathics3, a free and open-source clone of Mathematica. It seems to share most of the basic syntax/functions with Mathematica, though I assume some advanced features are not implemented....
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Is a question seeking to golf a code on topic?

This thread, as far as I understand, makes it clear that code-golf questions are generally off topic. But regarding the top answer, I got the impression that if a question asks to do a specific task ...
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Should Wolfram Alpha Notebook questions be considered on-topic?

Should Wolfram Alpha Notebook questions be considered on-topic? Here's an example: Calculating double integral bounded by domain in Wolfram Alpha Notebook Here are some related meta Q&A: Other ...
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Would questions about C "translations" be on topic?

I come from C programming, and as clear as they may be, I do not understand many of the examples in the documentation. Would it be on topic to ask for a C "translation" of some examples?
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3 votes
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Question about Wolframalpha itself

I have to ask a question about WolframAlpha itself: Can I ask it on the site?, or is it off topic.
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2 answers

Can I ask a question about what people think about mathematica rather than a technical question?

I wondered if it is appropriate to ask on mathematica stack exchange a question about what they think about the ergonomy of mathematica in comparison to other softwars (matlab etc). Because I find ...
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1 answer

Are questions about general design of a Mathematica program on topic?

When I write small projects in Mathematica, I run into such problem: I know ways to implement the functionality of small parts, but having problem selecting the most Mathematica-style way to group ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Installation of third party package: is it on-topic?

This post, after being without an answer for 10 months, got 4 close votes with the reasoning: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it deals with the installation process for a ...
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Does anyone know of another site where people share their MMA development practices and MMA gui building practices?

I am relatively new here. So first - a big thank you to all the posters on MMA SE I have learned from so far. I added a question to Mathematica StackExchange in the hopes of starting a "best ...
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How do I ask this question in a good way?

I have the following Mathematica result under the assumption that {ax, bx, px, ay, by, py} \[Element] Reals: ConditionalExpression[-(( ay/Sqrt[(ax - px)^2 + (ay - py)^2] - by/ Sqrt[(bx - px)^2 + ...
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Information on Mma v10

My workplace had two Wolfram reps come yesterday and give a brief intro for inexperienced Mma users, and previews of v10 for more experienced users. This isn't so much a question, but I think the ...
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Sending WolframAlpha questions to WolframCommunity

It's well established that WolframAlpha questions are discouraged on this site. I recommend that, in closing comments, we now send users to the new WolframCommunity site. We could even point them ...
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Does the Wishlist Meta question go against the Meta FAQ?

I thought the question in the title was easy: of course the wishlist question goes against the FAQ. It's not really meta, it's actually not about the site's operation at all. However, upon re-reading ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Other WRI product discussion?

What other Wolfram Research products are relevant to the scope of this site? Can we talk about Workbench issues - quite closely related to Mathematica, or something like the Wolfram Alpha API - less ...
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