Is there a way to sort my favorite questions by tag(or time added etc.) in Mathematica, and maybe provide clickable links? I found it difficult to look for a specific favorite question as my favorite list gets longer and longer. Thanks.

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You can use the api, here's a basic example that reads your favorites and then lets you click a tag to display corresponding favorites:

res = Import["http://api.stackexchange.com/2.1/users/1364/favorites?order=desc&sort=activity&site=mathematica&pagesize=100", "JSON"];
"has_more" /. res
items = ("items" /. res);
withTags[items_, tags_List] := Select[items, Intersection["tags" /. #, tags] == tags &]
itemToLink[item_] := Hyperlink[Column[{"tags", "title"}], "link"] /. item;
   output = Column[itemToLink /@ withTags[items, {First@#}]]
   , Appearance -> None] & /@ 
 Sort[Tally[Flatten["tags" /. items]], Last@#1 > Last@#2 &]

It is often helpful to search the main StackExchange Meta when trying to answer questions such as this. That would lead you to: Search in list of favorited questions? and a query such as:

infavorites:mine [programming]

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