There are currently five questions tagged , but I am not sure that it really adds anything. How do others see it?

  • I have retagged all five of those questions. – Verbeia Jan 21 '12 at 2:09

Seems to me that most of the things currently tagged with system fall under "Core language" questions. With the symbol tag, I agree that system doesn't really add anything. Core-language might be a better classification and more meaningful than symbol however.


If we can come up with a better tag, I'm all for it. I originally created to cover low-level sorts of questions. Contexts and symbol naming, the kernel parser, evaluator, assignment etc...

Andy's [core-langauge] is one possibility, although that implies syntax to me for some reason.

How about [core-kernel]?

(I'm also not sure whether we need . For the most part I think we're shying away from individual functions, although I expect there will be exceptions for things like Manipulate and NDSolve.)


I have a third alternative: . It doesn't imply syntax, and highlights that we mean the core components of mma.

  • +1 - this is a good suggestion. Unfortunately not all things people would tag as system should be tagged as system-core. – Verbeia Jan 21 '12 at 1:47

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