There is so much confusion and terseness about CDF / EnterpriseCDF. In light of questions like: How to make a CDF document with dynamic content?

I think there should be a tag EnterpriseCDF (or CDF-licensing? or CDF-signing?), just to clarify the (somewhat complex and changing) set of rules of what FreeCDF does and what not (in V9 ...)

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This sounds sensible if there is enough demand for it. The simplest way to create a tag is to post a question with that tag: you have enough reputation to do this. The tag wiki would be a good place to keep track of certain factual information. Although you do not currently have enough reputation to edit tag wikis without someone else approving those edits, that is a straightforward process and you should definitely feel free to add such information without fear that it creates work for people - it’s just a couple of clicks.

An alternative solution would be to tag such things with the tag, as well as the tag.

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