Has anyone been able to get desktop or browser notifications of new questions on mathematica.stackexchange.com?

I notice that whenever I post a question it immediately gets 1 view.

enter image description here

So maybe someone is getting a desktop notification of my question?

Things I tried:

  • I downloaded the stackexchange app on my phone.
  • I signed up for the email alerts - but these are up to 15 minutes late

note. I'm working on Ubuntu with a Chromium browser.

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    Probably you could build your own by accessing the stackexchange API from Mathematica and pushing events with ServiceConnect["Pushbullet"]?
    – rhermans
    Feb 24, 2021 at 9:46
  • @rhermans that is a good idea. I have added it to my list of future projects.
    – Conor
    Feb 28, 2021 at 20:07

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'Viewed 1 time' is just your own view after posting the question. Those count towards the number of views too.

There's no official support for desktop or browser notification; coincidentally, the company just declined a feature request to have web push notifications. To get real time notifications, you'd have to do some programming and hook up the websockets (which provide the '1 new question' banner on the homepage) to your own notification service. (I have done something like that; I get a push notification on my iPhone whenever a new Meta question is posted across the network. That's actually how I found this question ... but it takes a lot of work and doesn't scale. For starters, you'd need an Apple Developer Program).

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