To find something in MSE (Mathematica stackexchange), I normally use google. Recently, I keep getting top hits all from site ipfs-sec.stackexchange.cloudflare-ipfs.com It seems like a duplicate of MSE. Here is an example of a question I was searching for and this came first (before even our own MSE)


It seems safe and my anti-virus did not complain about anything.

Is the above domain related to our own site in any way? Strange it shows up before showing anything from https://mathematica.stackexchange.com so I thought to ask.

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This is related to a demonstration project that Cloudflare undertook when they introduced their InterPlanetary File System Gateway. Quoting from the blog post Cloudflare goes InterPlanetary - Introducing Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway:

What can you do with Cloudflare’s Gateway?


A fun example we’ve put together using the Kiwix archives of all the different StackExchange websites and build a distributed search engine on top of that using only IPFS. Check it out here.

The post is silent about whether this was done with the consent of StackExchange. But Cloudflare and Kiwix have reputations to protect so I imagine that the use is legitimate (although if it is not, deleting content from IPFS could be challenging).

As to why a Google search now ranks this site so highly, it must be some sort of interaction between the search terms, your user profile on Google and the 25 Billion Trillion Dollar Eigenvector Problem :)

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