I noticed SEUploader images are not good when copied over to stackexchange forum.

I do not know if this is the effect of latest changes done at stackexchange server or what (we had problem with SEUploader not long ago)

For example, here is an image (link here to actual file) which I uploaded using SEUploader "image" button. (the image (PP) button has not worked for me for very long time, each time I try it, I hear a loud beep).

Mathematica graphics

Now I did the same again, but first this code (thanks to Silvia (please see chat )

SETools`SEUploader`Private`uploadButton[] := 
  With[{img = 
   If[img === $Failed, Beep[], 

Mathematica graphics

You can see it is much better. It is same cell in my notebook.

So this shows there is some settings not correct in SEUploader.

Additional Information

(from Silvia's side)

I have Mathematica 12.1 on Windows 10. Here is what I observed. In following screenshot, the upper window is the one corresponding to "Image" button in SEUploader, the lower windows is the one corresponding to "Image (pp)". Without looking into SEUploader's source code, I boldly suspect it might be related to a too small window width of an invisible notebook it used to temporarily hold the image cell.

Image vs. Image (PP)

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