So far, there has only been the tag [tag:system-modeler] to be assigned to questions regarding Wolfram's System Modeler (WSM). But as of Version 11.3.0 SystemModel is a Wolfram Language data type/entity and the system modeling functionality of Modelica, the declarative modeling language used by WSM, has been integrated into the Wolfram Language.

I have created a new tag to more clearly separate questions regarding the system modeling functionality integrated into the language from questions regarding the WSM and its interaction with Mathematica/WL.

What do you think: Should there be a separate tag ?

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If questions tend to revolve mostly around WSM, I see some value in keeping a single tag, but if Wolfram keeps pushing integration in Mathematica and system modeling/Modelica inside Mathematica becomes its own thing, I think the split is a sound idea. I would additionally suggest to change the tag to or equivalent to further disambiguate the two.

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    That sounds very reasonable to me; I would prefer wolfram-system-modeler as well.
    – gwr
    Commented Sep 8, 2018 at 11:24

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