On this question on symbolic matrix block inversion, the tag is used.

Typically in Mathematica literature references are made to Lists rather than Matrices. Matrices are just lists of lists after all.

What do you think of having as a synonym for and using as the preferred form?

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To expand on R.M's answer, I think , , , and could all be useful tags without being synonyms of a single tag.


I disagree with having as a synonym for . A matrix is only a particular type of list, and as such, is not interchangeable in its usage. For example, you would never call {1, {2, {3, {4}}}} a matrix.

  • I wouldn't suggest that be a list. That's simply a list of lists. However a matrix is a list of lists with a certain structure. Jan 18, 2012 at 3:23

A matrix is a special case of a list, that is, it's two-dimensional and rectangular. Matrices have a lot of special functions designed for them, and they're often treated as the mathematical object that they are than just "some arrangement of numbers". Therefore, I wouldn't say it's a good idea to define a matrix to be a list.

(On a side note, most objects are simply lists, e.g. Plot generates a Graphics object containing a long list of options and values.)

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