Since yesterday, some (but not all!) the questions use the wrong language for syntax highlighting by default. Here is an example:

enter image description here

I can tell that it isn't highlighted as Mathematica because of the different colour scheme, because the comment between (* ... *) isn't highlighted, and because the word from in the command is rendered in dark blue.

Just to make it clear to people who are not regulars at Mathematica.SE, the Mathematica colour scheme looks like this:

enter image description here

This problem can be fixed manually by adding <!-- language: lang-mma -->, as it has been done in this question:

But this should not be necessary. The highlighting should always assume Mathematica on this site unless otherwise specified.

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So yeah, funny thing… for technical reasons, a site's tag-to-highlight-language mapping cannot be empty, therefore we had code that just inserted the "default" highlighting for the tag if there was no other mapping. The question in question has that tag, and that's why that happened.

I've removed that default mapping, it's not necessary anymore – there is always at least one mapping, from to "lang-none", to allow <!-- language: none --> to work. Yes, that means a question tagged would have similar issues, but let's wait until that's an actual problem :)

Anyway, this fix will be in the next build.

(Whether or not is a good tag in the first place seems questionable to me, but I'll leave that to the community here to decide).

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