The quesion has been haunting me for a long time. StackOverflow is a general service for many different programming languages. Mathematica is just one among those programming languages. Why was the Mathematica subsite separated from StackOverflow?

What is happening?

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    Thank goodness it is out. The community of Mathematica StackExchange is much more helpful than the general StackOverflow community. But I think the reason is that Mathematica is more than a programming language - it is also curated mathematical and scientific packages of computer code and curated data. Oct 17, 2016 at 21:05

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This question was discussed a lot when the site was originally proposed. In fact, the SE team even rejected the proposal at one point on the grounds that it overlapped SO too much. However, a great post sums up the reason for the site's existence (and, along with community support, likely had much to do with the reversal of the rejection).


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