It seems that there's a lot of bugs in graph related functions, and I think it's necessary to have a wiki post that makes clear all the problems inside them. Should we have something like this?

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"a lot of bugs in graph related functions"

That's what the tags are for, to make clear the relationship between the issues raised. You could find the graph-related bugs by going to this page.

If the issues are identical, then they'll get marked as duplicates, if not then they should have their own Q&A.

I don't personally see a benefit to having a giant, one-size-fits-all, graph-bug uber-post. When a post gets too large, it isn't digestible to me. I like for each separate issue to have its own Q&A, and for them to be cross-linked when related. A lot of people find the "Common Pitfalls" post to be very helpful, but I can't personally read through it, it's just way too large. If someone links to a particular answer in that post, I find that beneficial, but I'll never just send a newbie to that post and say "Read this".

That being said, you are free to make any answer of yours a community wiki.

  • oh, it seems that I didn't make full use of search~ thanks a lot!
    – Wjx
    Aug 22, 2016 at 15:02
  • It wasn't fully clear to me how to do a multi-tag filter when I was on the tags page, I actually had to find this page to see how to do it
    – Jason B.
    Aug 22, 2016 at 15:07

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