The recent Meta 1644, as well as StackExchange help, describes advanced searches. What terms would be used to search for questions with expired bounties (i.e., bounties created more than seven days ago)?

  • I can not find any kind of hook that will allow me to formulate a query to find questions with expired bounties. My conclusion is that it can't be done. Will be happy to be proved wrong.
    – m_goldberg
    Oct 13, 2015 at 10:08

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There's a a Data.SE query allowing you to do it.

  • I think that the version of the query linked in the current revision of the answer simply finds the question which had a bounty and have no answer. I suppose you wanted to include the condition Posts.Id=Votes.PostId - then you get this query which returns more results.
    – Martin
    Apr 23, 2022 at 18:01

Here is a bit more complex query which should include also questions which had multiple bounties and only some of them not awarded. (Such as this question - you can see that the bounty which ended on 30 March 2021 - with no winning answer - is listed among the results of the query. The same question had two more bounties - but both of them were awarded to an answer.)

SEDE query: Bounties awarded to no answer (I will add also a link to a related conversation in the SEDE chatroom.)

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