I have been using SE Tools to paste graphics into answers.

I would like to paste an open PopupMenu into an answer.

However I can't seem to do it using SE Uploader.

I see it in other people's answers.

I am looking for the instructions on how to paste an open PopupMenu into an answer.

I am on Windows 7 on a PC.

  • The Windows built-in Snipping Tool has a delay setting that can be utilized for this purpose, as described in the answer by m_goldberg. – Karsten 7. Sep 20 '16 at 12:40

The obvious answer would seem to be that, when this situation occurs, you should switch from SE tools to a screen grabber with more capability -- in particular, one with the capability to make delayed screen grabs. I can't make a specific recommendation because these things are OS specific and you do not mention what OS you run on.


Without a third party utility, the only way seems to be the "Problem Steps Recorder".

You can find more info here:


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