Just out of curiosity.

Searches for users up to #10 do return results, except one.

Why is that so? WHY THE GAPS?

I suspect one of the following:

  • the first users are SE employees and admins, so they have no posts (as they are just running the site) and thus are noth found by the search engine; am I right?
  • the first users had their accounts deleted. Less likely, as AFAIK people insist on deleting their accounts only in rare situations, and I can't see how could the very first users be vandals/spammers.

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Other than that use the URL template https://mathematica.stackexchange.com/users/# where # is the user number, if looking for users by number.

You will find:

The first three accounts were created for Stack Exchange employees to administer the site, especially during the beta phase. You were correct.

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