Is it ok to post both on mathematica.stackexchange.com and Wolfram community?

There seems to be a difference in that community is supposed to be for "discussions" whereas this mathematica.se is strictly for questions.

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    IMO it's ok if you post a link in each question making a cross reference. It make people of both communities to know better each other.
    – Murta
    Commented Nov 15, 2014 at 2:27

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StackExchange has a policy against cross posting between several StackExchange sites. There is no such policy against posting both on Mathematica.StackExchange and a non-StackExchange site though.

If you post both on Wolfram Community and here, please do cross link the two posts! Each post should have a link to the other one. This is to prevent duplication of effort. Also, if you get a satisfactory answer on one site, do mention it on the other one, thus "closing" the thread.

I have cross posted on occasion, to reach a wider audience, especially when I had a question about a topic few people are experts in.

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