During the private beta, we have discussed a number of topics involving the running of this site. The relevant discussions are as follows:

  1. Current ideas about tagging,
  2. Links as answers,
  3. Whether questions about other Wolfram Research products are on topic,
  4. Migration from SO and Re-asking questions from SO here,
  5. TagWiki contents,
  6. LaTeX vs. Code blocks,
  7. Code blocks vs. pictures of code,
  8. Including code samples
  9. Entering backticks for package names, and
  10. Voting.

If you have any questions, concerns, or disagreements with the above, please post on the relevant discussion or discuss it on chat.

Additionally, for the so inclined, there is an image uploader palette for uploading images directly from Mathematica to Mathematica.se.

Also, LaTeX is enabled via MathJax on this site. It is possible to extend this to the chat room, also, by following the directions here.

As a final note, voting on meta is a little different than on the normal site. It does not confer reputation, and an upvote (downvote) indicates that you agree/like (disagree/dislike) the post.



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