It has happened that another community member posted a partial answer to a question which I had answered. Now mine is imperfect and his is incomplete. Should I edit mine to have one complete answer? If he did not want to provide a full solution, should he have made a comment instead of posting the answer, such that I could have improved mine?

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edit: I clarified the last sentence.

edit2: Generalised the question. I never intended to attack anyone but thought the example did not hurt.

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    If incomplete answer is useful the author deserves a credit for it. If you feel you can provide extended version, useful for futore visitors, I'd say, go for it. It is always better to have something done from the a to z. Just point the source of the idea in your edit. (it's all just my personal view) – Kuba Jun 19 '14 at 11:19
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    It is not a bad idea to talk to the other person before or at the same time as posting on meta. ;-) I don't mind at all if you incorporate my suggestion into your answer, but others (especially people who care a lot about reputation) might be sensitive about getting what they feel is proper credit. The key is to talk to the other person first, that way there won't be misunderstandings or bad feelings. – Szabolcs Jun 19 '14 at 14:47

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