When I upload a screenshot I've taken of a Mathematica Notebook on my Retina MacBook Pro, the resulting image is HUGE. How can I prevent this and get images that appear at a reasonable size? Can I get images that are scaled appropriately for Retina and non-Retina machines (currently all SE images on my machine are "blurry").


There are two ways I can recommend:

  1. Do not take a screenshot. Instead, select the graphics, right click, then choose Save As ... and save it as PNG. This will give you a standard (non-retina) resolution version. It will have a reasonable size, but it will look blurry on a retina screen.

  2. If you would like to include a retina-resolution figure, but display it at standard size (not double size), you can do this: take a screenshot using Command-Shift-4. When you take the screenshot, OS X will display the width of the region you are clipping. Remember this number.

    Next, upload the double-size image as usual. Get the image URL from the end of the post where it gets inserted, and delete the line that looks like ![enter image description here][1]. Instead, write <img src="url" width="360"> where url should be replaced by the actual image URL and 360 should be replaced by the width you noted earlier.

No. 2. from above is what I usually do. Take a look for example at the MarkDown source of this post.

Update: I posted a feature request on Meta StackOverflow to make it easier to include high resolution images.

  • Excellent! 2 is the way to go! (I wish that were automatic though, so everyone's posts looked not-like-crap.) – orome Mar 12 '14 at 19:41
  • @raxacoricofallapatorius I posted a request on MSO to automate this (see update). Originally I asked in the MSO chatroom if anyone has made a userscript that automates this, then it was suggested to post a feature request ... – Szabolcs Mar 12 '14 at 20:28

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