I didn't know that questions about NDSolve can also be tagged as until I read the about of it today. 6 functions are mentioned in the excerpt and 3 more in the about.

, don't you feel tired?

More specifically, I think questions about DSolve and NDSolve need not to be contained in this tag. Solving differential equations is not that same as the others. If a equation can be solved by Solve, then it's likely to be solved by Reduce, FindInstance, FindRoot in some way, but DSolve and NDSolve aren't the case, and from what I've seen, most users tend to not tag questions about differential equations with .

We can even change its name into something like… ?

Anyway, I think this tag need some improvement. What do you think?

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    Well, DSolve/NDSolve can also solve DAEs, so I think the distinction is perhaps not as sharp as you suggest. My POV is that if the question is mainly about solving a particular system of equations, then equation-solving is perfectly appropriate, even if it might be rather too broad if not narrowed by the presence of additional tags. – Oleksandr R. Feb 4 '14 at 16:16

is a bit too much like "everything-else", which is worse than what we have now. Tags are not necessarily exclusive containers... I tend to see them more as labels. A picture labeled "rose" can also have the labels "red" and "flower". As the tag wiki explains, if you have a DE, use +; if you're solving Diophantine equations, use + and so on.

There is definitely room for improvement in our tagging system and I welcome and appreciate any and all suggestions. Several low use tags, useless tags, etc. need to be culled and hundreds of questions properly retagged, but it is a big task. However, I'm just not sure that the present question is actually all that big of a problem to warrant renaming/retagging. If you disagree, please edit the question to provide concrete examples.

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