I'm having trouble logging in, primarily because I am usually automatically logged in.

If I must log in it always fails. What username should I use? There are three possibilities in my simple mind: 1) The name I wish to be displayed: GeofAndron 2) My email address which I used when setting up the account which is: xxxxxxx 3) A numerical userid which as assigned to me when I first created an account and which doesn't seem to go away.

Each time I log on manually, I have to ask for a login page be sent to my email address. It's wasting bandwidth!

Sorry for this dumb question.



There is no login for any Stack Exchange site. You login to your openID provider such as Gmail (or Google Accounts), Yahoo, Facebook, Stack Exchange, etc. and authorize each Stack Exchange site to use your credentials.

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When you click "login" on a site, you're actually logging into your openID provider. So your Mathematica Stack Exchange username/display name/user number etc. don't play into any of this unless you also happened to choose the same name for your openID.

I've checked your login options and it appears that you are using your email address for two different openID providers. You can see which ones they are by visiting your profile and clicking on the "my logins" link. Your user name for both these providers will be your email address that you used and the password for that provider.

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