When I'm reading the MarkDown help page, I have trouble comprehending this sentence.

Like code blocks, code spans will be displayed in a monospaced font. Markdown and HTML will not work within them. Note that, [unlike] code blocks, code spans require you to manually escape any HTML within!

I do not know clearly about what's the meaning of the word unlike (not the indented meaning) and the difference of manually escape any HTML within in code blocks and code spans.

Because I found that they both keep the html tags.

<h1>code block</h1>

<h1>code spans</h1>

both keep the tag <h1>

manually escape any HTML within

In my present knowledge of manually escape HTML within is to remove <h1> manually, however we should manually remove <h1> both in code blocks and code spans in the example above. So where I went wrong in comprehending this sentence?

Forgive my poor English comprehension ability.


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That passage is misleading at best. You can find the same confusion raised here: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/93795/editing-help-page-why-manually-escape-html

...and suggestions for changing it here: Update the Markdown help to reflect the modern realities of Stack Exchange 2.0

We're in the middle of a bunch of changes to documentation right now, but will try to get to this page too at some point.

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